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We understand that dental treatment can sometimes be an unexpected investment. We can assist you with flexible payment options. Please feel free to browse our site to receive some helpful guidance about your treatment. If you have any questions or concerns about anything, please do not hesitate to give us a call or email us. We are happy to help you.


We often get asked if we accept dental insurance. The answer is yes! We take most dental plans and will do the insurance filing for you. We know insurance can be tricky; this is why our patient care coordinator team is ready to assist you throughout your appointments.

Here are some tips that can help you select the right plan. Keep in mind each plan is unique and has its own set of exclusions and limitations. Be sure to familiarize yourself with your dental plan, and don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions. We are always happy to help.

When selecting a dental plan, it is essential to understand the difference between PPO and DMO plans. PPO plans give you the freedom to see any doctor (in or out of their network). In many instances, the coverage is typically not dramatically different from going in or out of network. A PPO plan gives you more control of your dental care.

DMO plans are much more restrictive and most often will advise our patients not to enroll in one. While DMOs usually look better on paper, enticing you with low monthly premiums and stating they will pay 100% for most services, the reality is the provider would have to cut many corners to accept this in-network-only participation. It is a low-cost dental maintenance plan where you must select the provider of your choice. Typically, there are a minimal number of providers to choose from locally. This provider is contracted with the DMO carrier to serve you at a significantly discounted rate. For example, they may have to reduce the time scheduled with your dental hygienist or choose inferior, less precious metals in crown and bridgework. The DMO provider often is in a contract to use amalgam mercury fillings vs. the industry standard of white composite fillings.

While we do our best to learn about your dental insurance, it is helpful to avoid any financial surprise and be aware of dental exclusions your employer may select. For example, just because you and your friend have Delta Dental plans, it will more than likely be very much different from yours. Your plan administrator negotiates annual maximums, missing tooth replacement clauses, the timing of dentistry to be redone, as well as what type of procedures are considered basic or major. The list of some examples can go on and on; that is why it is best to ask any of our patient care coordinators when scheduling. Here are some examples of some dental procedures we find can differ:

  • Dental cleanings. Some plans pay for preventative check ups twice per year, every six months to the day, or every two per twelve consecutive months.
  • Preventative services, if your dental plan states coverage is payable at 100%, in most cases, this is not in addition to the annual maximum.
  • Fluoride treatment for children is still recommended by the ADA twice per year. In recent years, dental plans are now only considering this once per year.
  •  For over 25 years since dental insurance started, periodontal and endodontics classify payable as a class 2 basic service. Now, to pay out less money, some plans classify these services as major.
  • While a crown can last well over 20 years, most offices will only warranty a crown if needed to be done under five years since the original placement and if the patient maintained their recommended recall cleaning schedule. Years ago, dental crown and bridgework replacement was considered every five years. Now we have seen plans will not consider replacement unless it is over ten years.
  • Missing teeth taken out prior to enrolling in the plan may not always get reimbursed. Dental implants also may only be payable once every three years.
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