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All-On-4® Implant-Supported Bridges

The All-On-4® Implant-Supported Bridge in Randolph, NJ is a proven, effective, and secure alternative when an entire arch of teeth is failing and is non-restorable. Finally, there is a fixed, long-term solution if you are about to lose all your teeth or suffer from loose-fitting dentures.

All-On-4® Cases With Life-Changing Results

The All-on-4® treatment concept replaces your missing teeth with a full dental bridge supported by four or more dental implants. On the day of the surgery, most patients leave with their new fixed bridge in place. Many refer to this procedure as teeth in one day. The permanent All-on-4® dental implant bridge is the right choice when you need a full-mouth permanent option. Using dental implant techniques to secure the permanent bridge, it will be stable and secure in your mouth. In addition, our patients love that they will never have to use denture adhesives as your bridge is permanently attached to the implants. Since dental implants work like natural roots in your gums, the attached bridge will feel almost like your natural teeth.

What To Expect During The Process Of A Permanent Implant-Supported Bridge

  • Have a confident secure fixed smile, no more challenging dentures
  • Teeth in one day, our patients receive immediate smile restoration with no healing time
  • Prevent bone loss, facial collapse, and wrinkles attributed to tooth loss
  • Do away with denture adhesive
  • Enjoy and be able to taste healthy foods
  • Decreased cost vs. multiple single implants
  • Enjoy a graft-free, less painful, and faster healing time
  • Simple and easy annual maintenance

The Benefits Of All-On-4® Fixed Bridge Solution

We have made the process a seamless experience working with the best specialists and the leading dental implant company. Our team will coordinate your appointments. First, we will have a 3D scan of your mouth to make sure you are a candidate and plan your case. Dr. Cara Seidner may need only one or two initial impression appointments before the implant surgery. Then, while the lab is making your provisional bridge, we will introduce you to our board-certified oral surgeon before your surgery. Our goal the day the implants are placed is for you to leave the office with your temporary fixed bridge in place. Dr. Bruce Seidner will be there to make sure everything looks and feels great. Most patients report they were much more comfortable following the procedure than anticipated and are ready to eat a light dinner that evening.

Your fixed provisional bridge is in place during the healing process. Your board-certified oral surgeon will check your implants during the healing time of about 4 to 6 months. When the healing is complete, we will begin your final restoration, which will involve materials proven to last. This process can take about six or more weeks. The permanent bridge is built with a hidden titanium bar for strength, and the teeth are made out of Zirconia, which is very difficult to break. Once the final Zirconia teeth are inserted, you can freely eat and enjoy the foods you love. Your new teeth should be hard to tell from natural, both for you and others. People often describe this as an overwhelmingly positive experience.

All-On-4® FAQ

Over many years of experience, some patients have experienced some type of breakage. However, after several years of experience with different types of All-on-4® on four permanent bridges, we have found that the Zirconia Bridge has the least incident of breakage. Basically, whatever can break a natural tooth can break the All-on-4® permanent bridge. If breakage does occur, please contact the office immediately.

Our patients rave about the low maintenance of having the All on 4® procedure done. Patients are instructed to use a Waterpik to clean the gumline. At night, your dentist may recommend you wear a mouthguard to protect your bite. Annual checkups with Dr. Seidner are all you need to check your bridge and inspect the implant parts. Most insurance will cover this nominal maintenance visit.

Following annual maintenance visits and good oral hygiene, your zirconia bridge should last over ten years. Should the Zirconia need to be replaced, the good news is the implants are still in place, and the lab can refabricate any wear and tear.

If you have been told that you are not a candidate for dental implants because you don’t have enough bone, or you have been told you need costly and time-consuming bone grafts, this unique design of this treatment option makes most people candidates. In the past, dental implants were placed in the tooth socket, requiring multiple steps and extensive bone grafting. 

The dental patient would have to wait for healing and wear a removable appliance until the area heals. With this unique implant placement concept, our patients can wear a fixed bridge home the day of surgery. Yes, our patients can leave with an entire smile transformation and never have to experience “taking out their teeth.”

Dental implants have a well-documented history of high success and survival rates. Your dental implant team should be aware of any health issues you have or medications that you’re taking. You should always see your medical provider for annual physicals and not take up smoking. If you have health problems, don’t assume that you aren’t a candidate for the All-on-4® procedure. It may still be an option for you, and you may have to take certain precautions before or after the surgery.

Seidner Dentistry & Associates is a leading provider of All-On-4® Implant-Supported Bridges in New Jersey. Dr. Bruce Seidner has been successfully using this unique solution to enhance thousands of peoples’ lives. To schedule an appointment for All-On-4® Implant-Supported Bridges, call Seidner Dentistry & Associates today.

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