All-On-4 Provider FAQs

How many smiles has the office successfully completed?

Most dentists only perform one or two All-On-4® procedures per year. The ideal practice performs this procedure weekly. Choose a provider with extensive All-On-4® familiarity with a multitude of cases. A well- trained dental team will help you spend less time in surgery and follow-up appointments. By choosing someone with experience, it expedites recovery.

Does the dentist work alone or part of a team?

The restoring dentist is essential to the success of this procedure. They must be able to take a complex process and simplify it. Not every case is straightforward; this is why choosing an experienced team is crucial to your smile. Make sure you are under the care of an experienced board-certified oral surgeon who has a broad background in placing dental implants. This surgeon needs to work closely alongside the dentist, both being knowledgeable in the latest Nobel-Clinician digital software. The right team will give you new teeth in one day.

Is the fee all-inclusive or are there hidden add-ons?

During the healing process, it is imperative to get an initial provisional bridge. Additionally, you will need a permanent zirconia or titanium based bridge about four months after the procedure. Make sure to ask the provider if the treatment fee includes the temporary and final bridge.

Does the office provide a guarantee?

The All-On-4® treatment concept is the best in its class as the solution for those missing or losing an entire arch of teeth. Numerous research shows Nobel Biocare’s All-On-4® products have long-term success. You want to look for a team that uses authentic Nobel Biocare implants and components throughout the entire process. Ask if you will be receiving a guarantee from the implant company as well as from your dental provider. Your All-On-4® team should strive for your complete satisfaction.

Is the practice following up annually?

While the All-On-4® procedure is low maintenance, supportive annual hygiene care is needed to help maintain optimum results. Make sure the office you choose will be available to check your bridge andinspect the implant components each year. Annual maintenance appointments are vital to the longevity and well-being of your implants and implant bridge.

Transforming your new smile should be an overwhelminglypositive experience. The All-On-4® advanced approach teamed with the right providers will give you the confidence you’re in the right hands.

Bruce Seidner

Dr. Bruce Seidner and his team have always paid attention to detail and strive to be the best in the industry. When he learned about the revolutionary All-On-4® procedure, he set out to become one of the leading clinicians. Dr. Seidner passionately believes dentures are a thing of the past and no one should have to suffer from missing teeth. Call today to schedule your COMPLIMENTARY CONSULTATION AND 3D IMAGING (a $447 value) to discover if you are a candidate: 973-598-9555.

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All-On-4 Provider FAQs