White spots on teeth most often occur from a loss of mineral content of the tooth enamel. These chalky-white areas are from demineralization. White spots can be a cosmetic concern but also can signify the weakening of the enamel that can eventually be a sign of tooth decay.

What causes white spots?

Dental Hygiene during orthodontics : Braces will not cause white spots on your teeth but poor dental hygiene habits will. Plaque builds up in the area not cared for properly and can result in white spots and tooth decay.

Acidic Drinks and Foods: Consuming beverages high in sugar and/or acids can erode tooth enamel as well as sour candies. Avoid high levels of lemon water.

Acid Reflux: Sufferers from GERD can experience higher levels of acidity which will damage your teeth by dissolving the mineralized surface of the tooth.

Dry mouth: Unfortunately, certain prescription drugs can cause dry mouth which can affect your mouth’s pH level and erode tooth enamel. Have drinking water on hand throughout the day is one way to avoid dry mouth. Consult with the doctor to see if a dry mouth rinse can help neutralize your mouth’s pH.  

Fluorosis (excessive fluoride): Younger patients can notice white spots when their adult teeth come in. This occurs from ingesting too much fluoride as a child during the development of adult teeth.

Tooth whitening strips: Some over-the-counter whitening strips have been reported to cause white spots on teeth when left on for extended periods of time. It is recommended to follow the package instructions and do not use for several months

Is there a way to treat hypomineralization?

A conservative approach is always best. We have a non-invasive technique to lessen the appearance of white spots that can rebuild demineralized areas without taking away enamel or tooth structure. Dr. Sharbash uses a system that helps to minimize the appearance of the white spots by remineralizing tooth enamel.  The system is painless and only takes a few brief treatment sessions. Most of our patients find great results after only three visits! To find out if this treatment can be beneficial to you, please call us today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Sharbash.

white spots on teeth

The above photo shows results after only one treatment.