E4D same-day dental restorations enable us to scan, design, and mill beautiful restorations in the office. Imagine coming into our dental office to receive a crown, and walking out the same day with a strong, durable and cosmetically beautiful crown already in place.

E4D Technologies is a high-tech medical device company  focusing on 3D images of your mouth for your dental restorations. With the PlanScan CAD/CAM Restoration System, which uses similar technology used for the well-known procedure in creating Cerec crowns in Randolph, NJ, we now can produce lab-quality restorations in hours instead of days – with remarkable speed and accuracy. Patients love when they discover that there are no impressions or powders unlike with dental restorations of the past. Conventional dentistry often requires you to make two visits to get a tooth restored. With our E4D system, you can often achieve the same quality and aesthetics in a single visit.

In the process, your teeth will be digitally scanned and the information and data of the scan will be sent to an in-office milling machine that will create your crown–usually the same day (as opposed to sending a mold to a laboratory and waiting for the technicians to fit your crown into their schedule). This works great for patients who break a tooth just before upcoming travel dates. Here, the E4D uses a smaller wavelength using blue light in its technologies rather than procedures used for Cerec crowns which use LED white light.

Should you choose to have this done, please discuss this beforehand with our office staff. If you have any questions about how this service can help you, please feel free to give us a call. We’re always ready to answer your questions and help you schedule an appointment.

Watch this video on “Innovations to your dental restorations” by E4D Technologies
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