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White Spots on Teeth: Cosmetic or Something More Serious?

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Beautiful teeth are always trendy, now more than ever. It comes at no surprise that 47% of Americans choose a person’s smile to be their most important physical feature. Luckily, more than half (64%) of those surveyed like their smile. Unfortunately, those who are unhappy with their pearly whites attribute their disappointment to the color […]

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Dental X-rays: Do I Really Need Them?

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I was recently in a spirited discussion with a patient on the necessity of dental x-rays. This particular patient had not been in for a while; in fact, it was about two years since his last visit and check-up. As he sat in the chair, I reminded him of his last appointment date which included […]

Dental Premedication Image

When Do I Need To Premedicate For My Dental Work?

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As a dentist, I meet patients every day who are not familiar with the regulations of antibiotic prophylaxis.  Patients do not know if premedication with antibiotics is necessary for them due to a medical condition or procedure they had done.  I hope to shed some light on the most up-to-date indications for antibiotic prophylaxis as […]

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Dental Health: Medicine or Makeover?

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Activity on my blog has been more like a bog. Lo, since the start of the year.  But since spring has sprung and the cats off my tongue, it’s time to get into gear! So first on the list, I just can’t resist, is a light-hearted discussion of teeth.  Is it medicine we do while […]

Child with candy in mouth for dental health month

National Children’s Dental Health Month

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Each year in February, the American Dental Association, along with dental health care professionals, teachers and caregivers celebrate good oral health habits by promoting awareness to dental health needs in children, tweens and teens. This year’s slogan is “Sugar Wars” and the ongoing fight against sugar invaders! (ADA) The campaign highlights the value of a […]

Christmas Image Dental Humor

A Dental Hygienist’s Humorous Holiday Playlist

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At this time of year, I love singing Christmas songs.  I cannot help myself sometimes when I am at work and play with some of the lyrics. Listerine! (Sung to Oh Christmas Tree) Oh Listerine, Oh Listerine How brightly are your colors? Purple, Orange and Blue and Green, You’re nothing like my Mother’s You started […]

White Christmas Teeth Whitening

Dreaming of a White Christmas?

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The dental climate on whitening has been like a storm of the century. For over 20 years, young and old alike have become increasingly aware of the appearance of their teeth. Bleaching has allowed a more affordable and less invasive option to whiter teeth and brighter smiles. As we prepare for holiday parties and gatherings […]

Thanks to modern dentistry

Giving Thanks to Modern Dentistry

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In 1492 Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue…      But how many travelers do you think were suffering from tooth pain during that time? A lot I would imagine. Fortunately dentistry has had many advances in the treatment of toothaches, tooth loss and loose teeth, however it is astonishing to realize the treatments that took […]

Dental Insurance Benefits

Bountiful Benefits

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As we gear up for the holidays, November and December are also a time to start closing out the current year. It’s satisfying to tie up life’s loose ends while preparing for traditions, celebrations and family. In addition, November hosts one of the most active shopping days of the year, Black Friday. Many of us […]